Desiigner “Panda” music video

Desiigner “Panda” music video

Released: May 17, 2016.

What Surprised Me:

Not much. The storyline, imagery and themes in here are the same as most rap music videos.

The Kanye West Cameo was semi-surprising. Although Desiigner is signed to Kanye’s record company so… not too surprising.

Maybe the black woman with the platinum hair feelin’ him up on the bed. She looked like a panda (which they obviously did on purpose). I wasn’t expecting that.

What I Didn’t Like:

The slow-motion melodrama. We get it, you want us think you’re tough. I would probably think him more hard-hitting if the video was further in real time.

What I Liked:

Again, the loud facial expressions were nice to see in the video.

The minimal use of characters. There weren’t that many people in the video (yes, I know there were groups at the beginning).

It’s common for rap music videos to use a lot of extras on set. The “Panda” video had relatively few in it. We will wait for upcoming Desiigner videos to really judge his style.

Review by: Gio Bradley.


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