Drake’s first “One Dance” performance

Drake Performes “One Dance” on SNL.

What Surprised Me:

The Box, the minimalist “Hotline-Bling-esque” box was surprising. Yeah, maybe it’s obvious and I should have seen it coming. Well, I didn’t. Also, I keep forgetting SNL has small stage(s), so it wasn’t going to be an elaborate set up to begin with.

I understand why Drake would and should bring the box back. If he uses it more than once (the more the better), then pop culture will slowly associate him with the box. Did he invent dancing inside of an LED lit box? No. But, that’s  pop culture for you—it doesn’t make sense and easily forgets its predecessors.


It’s a funny gif^. I’m imagining seeing a guy (besides Drake) doing this at a club.

What I Didn’t Like:

I thought Drake was a little shy at some points. Drake you’re Drake. Don’t be shy. Even if you are, it’s part of your job as an entertainer to to give us the illusion of self-confidence.

Now, I might be overreacting about his shyness. Maybe he was trying to hit the verses just as softly as the track does.

The backup dancers outfits. Who was in charge of costuming? Please reconsider those outfits. At first I thought the two girls were awkward onstage, then I realized no there outfits are awkward.

What I Liked:

The corny dance moves. I mean we’ve all been agreeing for a while now that we find Drake’s corny dance moves sexy. If any other guy does them? Well, probably it’s gonna be a harder sell.

The backup dancers. Yes, I brought them back. Their outfits may have thrown me off, but their moves were on point. They added a breath of fresh air to “One Dance.”

The LED colors they used inside the box added nice ambience to the performance.

Review by: Gio Bradley.


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