Drake’s first “One Dance” performance

Drake Performes “One Dance” on SNL.

What Surprised Me:

The Box, the minimalist “Hotline-Bling-esque” box was surprising. Yeah, maybe it’s obvious and I should have seen it coming. Well, I didn’t. Also, I keep forgetting SNL has small stage(s), so it wasn’t going to be an elaborate set up to begin with.

I understand why Drake would and should bring the box back. If he uses it more than once (the more the better), then pop culture will slowly associate him with the box. Did he invent dancing inside of an LED lit box? No. But, that’s  pop culture for you—it doesn’t make sense and easily forgets its predecessors.


It’s a funny gif^. I’m imagining seeing a guy (besides Drake) doing this at a club.

What I Didn’t Like:

I thought Drake was a little shy at some points. Drake you’re Drake. Don’t be shy. Even if you are, it’s part of your job as an entertainer to to give us the illusion of self-confidence.

Now, I might be overreacting about his shyness. Maybe he was trying to hit the verses just as softly as the track does.

The backup dancers outfits. Who was in charge of costuming? Please reconsider those outfits. At first I thought the two girls were awkward onstage, then I realized no there outfits are awkward.

What I Liked:

The corny dance moves. I mean we’ve all been agreeing for a while now that we find Drake’s corny dance moves sexy. If any other guy does them? Well, probably it’s gonna be a harder sell.

The backup dancers. Yes, I brought them back. Their outfits may have thrown me off, but their moves were on point. They added a breath of fresh air to “One Dance.”

The LED colors they used inside the box added nice ambience to the performance.

Review by: Gio Bradley.


“One Dance” by Drake (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)


“One Dance”

by Drake (feat. Wizkid & Kyla)

Released April 5, 2016. It’s the second single off of his album “Views.”

#1 for 7 weeks so far (May 15-21. May 29-July 9 + ?)

Genre: Dancehall, House, Afrobeat

Length: 2:54

Label:  -OVO Sound  -Cash Money  -Young Money.

Writers:  -Aubrey Graham (Drake)  -Paul Jefferies  -Aman Tekleab  -Noah Shebib  -Logan Sama  -Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun  -Themba Sekowe  -Osabuohien Osaretin  -Kayla Smith  -Errol Reid.

Producers: Ninteen85  -Dj Maphorisa  -40  -Wizkid  -Sarz.

My thoughts:

Score: 9/10

This song features vocals from both Nigerian Afrobeat Artist ,Wizkid, and British House singer, Kyla.

“One Dance” not only features Kyla’s vocals, but  samples another (‘08) song by Crazy Cousinz that Kyla features in called, “Do you mind.”

Future hitmakers take note: This song’s shortness is key. If this song had been a five minute track, its success would not have been as great. “One Dance” is nice and concentrated.

Also, the song’s lyrics work because they are lyrical.  Drake is expressing how conflicted he feels about the relationship, yet he sounds mellow and warm.

“One Dance” is a refreshing twist on the usual, “get your ass on the floor” dance song (not that I don’t love me some of those songs too).

The three vocalists (Drake, Wizkid, Kyla) all blend well together.

I imagine myself dancing to this song in a straw tribal outfit with a bunch of face paint and there’s no end in sight to the fun.

Drake had a slow, yet steady come up. Last fall/winter he officially got his first mainstream hit with “Hotline Bling” (No, I’m not including “Hold on, we’re going home.”).

“Hotline Bling” was held from the #1 spot (peaked #2) because Adele was back saying “Hello.” That would have been his first solo #1. He may have been upset it didn’t reach #1.

However, to counteract that disappointment, this year he has been on fire. First, he teamed up with Rihanna for a third time and featured on her lead single “Work” off of her new album “Anti.” The song remained #1 for nine weeks (Feb. 28-April 30).

And now Drake finally has his own #1 with “One Dance” (7 weeks and counting). “One Dance” has also reached the Top 3 in 19 other  countries so far.

His album sales for “Views” are doing great (for 2016 standards). Plus, there are a couple of songs off of his new album that I think could be future hits. Watch out for “Controlla” and “Good to you” (feat. Rihanna).

Even when the “Views” era dies down, he is now solid, he is set. From now on, we the public, will be interested in new Drake music/albums. Not that people weren’t before, I’m just recognising that his audience has increased exponentially since “Hotline Bling.”


(A promo shot from his album “Views”)

Fun Factoids:

With the two featured vocalists and the sample, it took 10 writers to write this #1 song.

In the U.K. “One Dance” has remained at #1 for eleven weeks (and counting). It’s now the longest-lasting #1 single of the 21st century in the U.K..

“Top 3 In the Pocket” Roundtable Opinions:


Score: 9/10    “I love “One Dance.” It definitely gets me in the mood to party and dance. My favorite part is the EDM sounding beat drop.”  -Taryn Candy.


Score: 8/10    “This song makes me feel like I need to be in the club dancing and drinking some Hennessy.”  -Incognito Gurl.


Score: 8/10    ” ‘One Dance’ is very reminiscent of Drake’s earlier career. It’s more loving and soulful than his ratchet sounds of today.  -Margie Ricchezza.


Average rating: 8.3 /10


Favorite Lyrics:

1.    “Baby . . . I like your style.”  

You either imagine yourself being the kute person saying this, or you’re hearing this from a kute person. Either way, it’s a kute part.



2.    “You know you gotta stick by me. Soon as you see the text, reply me. I don’t want to spend time fighting. We’ve got no time.”

I can agree. I’m sure most people when they heard that section thought, “yas, Drake.” Nobody likes to get a super late reply from their crush/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover/side-piece/fiance/husband/wife. Just reply right away and forget the silly games.



3.    “Where, where, where, where, where, where, where.”

I mean, is it just me, or did I start dancing like never before at that part?  


Here is a link to the full lyrics on Genius.com:


Review by: Gio Bradley.