Throwback! Carole King “It’s Too Late” (1971)


“It’s Too Late”(1971)  by Carole King

Which song was #1 exactly 45 years ago?!

—”It’s Too Late” by Carole King.

Released: April 1971. It was the first single off of "Tapestry."

#1 for 5 weeks (June 13 - July 17)

Genre: Soft Rock, Doo-wop 

Length: 3:51

Label:  -Ode Records

Writer:  -Toni Stern -Carole King

Producers:  -Lou Adler

My Thoughts:

“It’s Too Late” is the first song I have memory of singing along to (6 years old). My mom and dad played it in the car.

I still sing it—14 years later. Now, I’ve come to realize what a big hit it was in 1971.

In my opinion, this is THE breakup song.  Why?

-It has a terribly realistic viewpoint. Carole King isn’t saying, “you’re the one with the problem, I’m perfect.” Nor is she saying, “It’s all my fault.”

The lyrics are quite neutral on who is the culprit. One thing is for sure, Carole King knows that it’s over.

Music critics talk about the sadness of the song. I, on the other hand, don’t think it’s that sad. She sounds remarkably decided and confident during the choruses. One might argue the verses are sad. I think they are more pensive, and reflective then downright sad.

This track was a double A-side with “I feel the Earth Move.”

It was the #3 record of 1971 on the Billboard “Year-End Chart.”

“It’s Too Late” made Rolling Stones Magazine’s list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

The song won a Grammy Award for “Record of the Year” in 1972.


(Tapestry era photo)

Fun Factoids:

Apparently Toni Stern (the other songwriter) had inspiration for it right after her love affair with James Taylor ended.

Favorite Lyrics:

1. “Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time.”

What a fresh opening! And who hasn’t stayed in bed all morning when you’re feeling down and don’t know what your next move should be.

2. “They’ll be good times again for me and you. But we just can’t stay together, don’t you feel it, too. Still I’m glad for what we had and how I once loved you.”

She keeps an optimistic outlook on their separate futures, while still tipping her hat to their good times—Then the final chorus explodes!


Here is a link to the full lyrics on

Here are links to two videos for the song. One is an audio and the other is a live performance (the days before music videos existed).

1.  Audio:

2.  Live:

Review by: Gio Bradley.


Throwback! “Lady Marmalade” (2001)


“Lady Marmalade” (2001) by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya and P!nk

Which song was #1 exactly 15 years ago?!

—This super famous cover version of “Lady Marmalade!”

Released March 27, 2001

#1 for 5 weeks (May 27 - June 30) 

Genre: R&B, Hip hop

Length: 4:24

Label:  -Interscope

Writers:  -Bob Crewe  -Kenny Nolan

Producers:  -Rockwilder  -Missy Elliot

My Thoughts:

Score: 9/10

I like this cover just as much as the original LaBelle 1974 version.

Usually the original always wins against the newest version. “Lady Marmalade” (2001) is an exception.

The song comes off of the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge! starring Nicole Kidman.

If I were a young adult in 2001, I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy every time it came on.

This song is a fun, festive song. The four women together create a nice sonic variety of style during those 4 1/2 minutes.

It’s a great girls night out song to sing along to (gays included).

It won a grammy for “Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals.”

“Lady Marmalade” won “Video of The Year” at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards.

It has sold more than 5.2 million physical copies worldwide which also made it the worldwide best selling single of 2001.


Fun Factoids:

It was the third airplay-only song ever to Reach #1 without another commercial format available.

“Lady Marmalade” still holds the record on Billboard’s radio Mainstream Top 40 for the longest #1 for an all female collaboration (9 consecutive weeks) .

It became the first time a female rapper appeared on a #1 single. Congratulations Lil’ Kim.

Favorite Lyrics:

1. “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir. Voulez vous coucher avec moi.”

That means, “Would you like to sleep with me tonight. Would you like to sleep with me.” It’s sung by all of them in the chorus.

What can I say, it sounds even better in French.

2. “We come through with the money and the garter belts.”

Lil’ Kim sounds beyond confident as she begins her verse. I imagine my friends and I going out at night, knocking down brick walls with our rolls of money and garter belts.


Here is a link to the full lyrics on

Here is a link to the music video found on Youtube:

Review by: Gio Bradley.